Day 13: The Joy of Community

Audio: Malik Ewan
2 Timothy 2:22: Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 

Today’s scripture sternly warns us to “flee” youthful lusts. It does not encourage us to meddle or fool around with youthful lusts. This is what many of our young people do sadly. They think it’s okay to do everything sexual except the actual act of intercourse. This is like playing with fire. Soon enough, you will get burnt. 

As a young man reading this scripture, I found it quite interesting that the antidote to youthful lusts was to run from it and instead to find like-minded Christian friends to pursue God with. Around that time, I was becoming friends with a group of young men and women who in high school found their joy in the things of God. The truth is they weren’t perfect, but their motivation and trajectory was one of leaving and forsaking sin and chasing after the righteousness of God. We had this declaration that saved us from a lot of youthful lusts –

iTURN (I Trade Ungodliness for Righteous Newness).

For me, this was the first instance this scripture proved itself in my life. We spent our lunch times fasting and reading the Bible. We’d walk home after school and they would sing (while I hummed in my mind lol) and talk about God all the way. Friday nights were spent praying from 11pm to 1am, sometimes going to 3am. This was our joy found in community among likeminded Christian youth.

In University, in my first week I ensured I found the orientation booth of the Universities and Colleges Apostolic Ministry (UCAM). Here again, to a much greater degree I found the joy of community, now among like-minded Apostolic believers. 

If you think about it, all our friendships are pulling us in one direction or the other. Ask yourself then, is my company impressing upon me a life of true righteous, faith, charity and peace? If not, seek to draw closer to persons who have that mindset and find the source of their affection – Jesus Christ.

Prayer Starter

God, bring me close to those who desire to call upon you out of a pure heart. Help me to sever every ungodly connection and soul tie that influences me to compromise your standards of holiness, in Jesus name.

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