Day 12: True Pleasure in Jesus

Audio: Malik Ewan
Romans 14:17: For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. 

The ultimate standard of purity is Jesus Christ Himself. The ultimate source of pleasure is Jesus also! True pleasure comes from God. 

This is not what the world teaches though. Your unsaved friends will want you to think that they are having all the fun and freedom, and that a life of sin is the best life yet. Meanwhile, you may be looking at the “restrictions” and rules that you live by as a form of bondage. You wonder why you must be holding back sexual emotions and not letting them roam freely. You wonder why you have been deprived the pleasures of sex. These are all mind games of the devil playing on your flesh just like he did Eve.

The greatest liberty any human can find will be found in Jesus Christ. This is the blessed life, not another!

When you find your peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, you start to find the things of God more interesting and intriguing. Church becomes not just a boring meeting place but a joyful, supernatural encounter with God. When the joy of the Holy Ghost grips you, you start to find that youth meetings and camps and discussions among Christian friends are your happy place. Then when you’re alone you find that you just want to sing songs and worship the Lord. You use your talents and skills to find things to do for God. Soon enough you recognize that you don’t feel in bondage anymore! You start to see that your friends are actually bound to their life of sin and would love to get out if they could and that you are the one living the best life! 

Finding true pleasure in Jesus will transform your days. What ways can you find to enjoy the presence of God and live an active life? Make a list of all the things you can do as a young Christian that Jesus would be pleased to abide with you in.

Prayer Starter

Oh, Lord my truest pleasure is found in You! Let the joy of the Lord be found in my heart and teach me how to entertain Your presence daily. Come Lord and inhabit my life.

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