Channels of Grace

Hi precious ones! I know, I know, I took too long to post. I hope this inspires you though.

A few weeks ago, I was deeply disappointed in someone. Their action made me question their character and that’s something I am quite fixated on. Moreover, this person was or is my friend.

There is a personality trait that I have that causes me to be indifferent towards a person if it is I feel they are no longer worth my emotional energy when they hurt me directly or indirectly. I know, that’s no way to live because people make mistakes. However, this is a particular struggle for me. As the days went by I found myself to be angry at the very thought or sight of the person (definitely not demonstration of love). I then knew it in my heart that in that period I did not demonstrate grace to the person.

It continued for a while until I found that I actually didn’t want this person to have control over my emotions because when someone can change your very mood they control how you react to them. You ask how I got over it? I prayerfully reflected on my own flaws and my mistake riddled life and I saw how desperately I needed grace. This brought me to understand that so does this person. This then was my prayer, “Lord give me more grace so I can show it to the individual.”

Precious ones, if you are in a place of hurt, your reaction should never be out of condemnation but out of grace. Yes, I know it’s hard just to forgive after what they did or said, yes it’s going to be a process, yes they don’t deserve it, but do you deserve grace? Yet God gives it freely. In our bids to be Christians, ‘christ’s representatives’, we must show grace. If we do not forgive, our heavenly father won’t forgive us. A distinction of love in 1 Corinthians 13 is that love keeps no record of wrongs.

We are all on the Potter’s wheel. Let’s be molded together into perfection as we love each other just as how we love ourselves. Until next time, remember, you are precious.

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