Is Saul among the prophets?

Hi precious ones! How are you? I hope you have been a channel of grace these past few days, God knows it’s lifelong journey!

Hands lifted, sobering music, cries all around inspired by the Spirit, a genuine moderator leads us into an atmosphere of divine worship. How overwhelming it seems when we truly give God sincere praise! How amazing it is to stand in awe of Him! If only that was maintained outside of that auditorium! I wonder sometimes if it’s all emotions because truly an encounter with God brings us to a decision whether to walk in His image or determine his cross is too heavy.

That brings us to our subject of interest, participating only in corporate worship is truly dangerous for a son of God. Let’s examine our context a bit. In 1 Samuel 10, Saul had just been anointed King and is looking for lost animals for his father. Samuel gives perfect instructions to find asses, he even predicts his encounter with the propets! Lo and behold, Saul does find the asses and meets the prophets. The twist here is that Saul begins to prophesy too! This man wasn’t anointed to do such but because of his company, he demonstrated this gift.

Was Saul truly a prophet because he prophesied?

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How many times are we used in the congregation of believers even when we didn’t even pray at all that day or it has been a while since we experience some closet time (Matthew 6)? It has always been fascinating to me how God uses some unfit vessels to do His will. We can argue that later, for now we never want to be in the position of Saul. He just operated in that manner for that moment because he was in the congregation of believers.

Later in that very same chapter he hid himself from Samuel, from purpose. There was no lasting relationship with God as in his later years he also needed to seek a word from a God through Samuel but made an unlawful sacrifice. http://1 Samuel 13 His list of sins are unimaginably.

I sometimes find it to be very shameful when he is compared to David but today, I will make an exception. David’s cry was never for public affirmation of his “choseness”, David’s cry was for secrecy, relationship and fellowship with God. The original plan for mankind by God. Throughout his books, we read phrases like my soul longs for you, my soul thirsts for you in a dry and thirsty land where no water is, he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under His shadow and one thing have I desire of God is to see His beauty and enquire in His temple- all paraphrasing.

When last have you just enjoyed the presence of God individually, without a moderator, just to wait on Him to speak and not rush your request as if speaking to a fairy odd parent. I heard a speaker made a distinction between the hand and face of God, which are you seeking?

Moses was adamant about not going without His presence, why are we so contented to do the exact opposite of that? It’s the presence of God that makes us unique.

Precious ones, there is absolutely nothing more rewarding than a genuine relationship with God. It’s almost funny how easy building one is, others might disagree. I say, today it begins with a broken heart and sincere thoughts or words. God is not surprised by your flaws or sins. He sees it already. He just wants you to acknowledge them and ask for grace to turn and obedience to His words. Think about it, is that really so hard to do, considering the price He paid?

Stop thinking of prayer as apart of our Christian do’s, prayer is a privilege, a channel to speak with our father, king and friend. We get to talk to the one who makes everything around us a reality!

Prayer is the most essential way to have intimacy with God. ~Anonymous

Thanks for stopping by, really. I hope you were encouraged. Leave comments below please! Also share topics you would like for us to look into! Until next time, remember you are precious.

3 thoughts on “Is Saul among the prophets?

  1. Thanks much sis. I am really encouraged. It’s a blessing to my soul. Let us continue to seek the mind of God cause truly there is nothing like having a genuine personal relationship with our maker. And I also would love if we could all maintained outside of the auditorium as well.


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