Defining Masculinity

The Psychology of Masculinity (Part 2 of 2)

Audio: Dean Beezer

Having established the truth that a man’s mind is different from a woman’s, we are still left with the business of defining the psychological component to Masculinity. Why is it necessary for a man’s mind to be different from that of a woman’s?

In his book entitled “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” John Gray went about explaining what he observes to be the main differences between the mind of a man and that of a woman’s. He notes that “Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.” We should pay close attention to a man’s “need to be needed” because it is closely connected to his masculinity.

There are primarily two hormones that are responsible for the sex distinction we observe in humans. These hormones are Testosterone and Estrogen. In a healthy male, there is present within him the hormones Testosterone and Estrogen, with Testosterone being the more prevalent of the two. As a man ages, his levels of testosterone declines and may even reach close to the level of estrogen naturally produced within his body. Men are psychologically oriented to pursue a solution once a problem presents itself, and the presence of a problem sees an elevation in the production of testosterone. The increased production of testosterone in males lowers his stress level and makes his quest to find a solution to a perceived problem easier. You may read more about the correlation between testosterone and the male’s mind via this study:,stress%20(such%20as%20surgery).

The point I wish to establish however, is that link between a man’s “need to be needed” and the way his biology and psychology are adopted to fulfil this innate affinity to satisfy this “need to be needed” through protecting and providing. This feeds his self-concept and creates the precious commodity he values very much. This commodity is called respect. Men with “fragile egos” will not process well, what they believe are attempts to “disrespect” them. This is why “dis,” in Jamaica (“dis” is shortened for disrespect) may end in a deadly confrontation. The man sees his ego as a no trespass territory which must be respected. From as early as childhood, numerous studies have shown a desire in a male child for respect.

The psychology of masculinity essentially identifies how a man’s mind is aligned to execute his function as a Provider, Protector and Leader. The previously mentioned virtues such as courage and the wise exercise of both power and restraint are products of a man’s mind, if his masculine mentality is correctly developed. We will surely be exploring these points individually as we explore in full, the “Expression of Masculinity.”

We will look at “The Description of Masculinity” in our next study.

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