“The importance of having a Godly discussion about Singleness”

Day 3

Audio: Claire Walker

Hosea 4:6 My people perish for a lack of knowledge. “Ignorance is no bliss” this old adage goes without saying. God through Hosea chided Israel for the corrupt and ineffective leadership of the priests. One of which is the rejection of God’s knowledge by the priest. Not only did they refrain from seeking out God’s words, but they also refused to share and adequately teach the people they are set to lead.

Hosea being God’s mouthpiece declared that the lack of information will cause the people to be destroyed. The same is true in the church today, in regards to what singleness is. There is little to no teaching about this God given gift. If the church continues to be silent then a teacher of no-good intent will do that which the priest is supposed to do.

It is important to have Godly discussions on singleness in the church arena for more reasons than one.

1. It promotes Godly awareness and consciousness to the blessings and benefits of how to develop that relationship with God, as also, awareness of what singleness really looks like and how to function effectively within the body of Christ.

2. There also needs to be a Godly highlight of the significance of being chaste. And to maintain sexual purity in its true sense. Not just to abstain from intercourse but to also be pure in mind, speech and conduct.

3. When a single person is armed with the relevant information, they will live fulfilled single lives. Thus, entering into marriage in wholeness. This will eliminate a lot of marital problems.

4. Godly discussion of singleness helps to eliminate frustration and gives the impetus to unfold the beauty found within the gift of singleness.

Let us purpose to be bold and assertive, never shying away from an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters. We help by having healthy and Godly discussions about singleness so as to raise awareness of the beauty in the gift of singleness.

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