Day 11: Sexual Purity – a Living Sacrifice

Audio: Malik Ewan
Romans 12:1  … present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

I think I’ve figured it out – the reason why we struggle with sexual purity. Maybe it’s because this body always feels entitled to some illegal sex. Doing wrong overall seems to be accompanied by a certain amount of excitement and intrigue once you quiet the voice of conscience prodding you. If we can’t bring ourselves to do the actual deed, we want to go get it in the movies, in the music videos, in the social media pics and videos. And some get their sexual pleasure from masturbation.

Many scientist say masturbation is just a natural part of human development. However, if we are to have sexual purity we have to take a different stance. Masturbation is a way that both men and women use to gain sex gratification to please the flesh. It is many times coupled with some sort of pornography, imagination of sexually promiscuous thoughts and nowadays, sex toys.

The news recently shared that since the current worldwide lockdowns, one of the products more in demand now are sex toys. This seems to be the escape route for many when human interaction is difficult.

Yet, the word of God instructs us how we should treat our bodies. We must not give over ourselves to lust but instead present our bodies to the Lord. It takes sacrifice yes, to give up what you think is your natural entitlement and recognize that God is concerned about what you do in your body. 

If you struggle with this today, it’s time for a change.

Let’s pray…

Prayer Starter

God, I offer all of my body to you. Lord, purge and adorn me in your righteousness. Have your way in me Jesus.

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