The Description of Masculinity

Audio: Dean Beezer

“We live in a mixed-up world. Whether you’re aware of it or not, two of the most important elements missing from today’s Western civilization are masculine men and feminine women”, (Anderson 2008). 

This perpetual state of “gender dysphoria” arguably started after World War II and has become a huge problem since the 1960s. An identity crisis now plagues our generation. Gender lines are so blurred and jumbled that it’s difficult for many boys and men to establish and settle into their distinct, God-ordained masculine role. Godly masculinity has an observable identity! Let’s look at the observable traits of this identity. 


Godly masculinity demonstrates the qualities of sound character, rock-solid confidence, and strength. Such a man is unselfish, dependable, dominant (although not domineering), and a decisive leader. Yet, he is bold to develop the traits of humility, attentiveness and gentleness. In short, Godly masculinity strives to live as Jesus Christ did! True masculinity starts in the mind. It requires, above all, a balanced perspective on life. 

A confident disposition and a tendency to exercise initiative are key traits that identify the presence of stable masculinity. He has a “can-do” attitude and is eager to accept challenges and responsibility. He is not egotistical or arrogant, yet, he doesn’t put himself down or worry about what others think of him. Unhealthy masculinity can be observed where men have difficulty committing to cause; be it a task or relationship. Men must be able to commit, being that they will be required to Protect, Provide and offer Leadership. Committed men are sacrificial men! The hesitation observed in uncommitted men stems from the absence of confidence and a general lack of desire to be challenged. 


The qualification for being in authority is knowing that one is always under authority. Many men think that leadership is about being “the head,” when in fact it’s first and fundamentally about recognizing that God is the Head (Eph. 6:9; Col. 4:1). Godly Masculinity welcomes accountability, authority, and oversight. The foundation of godly manhood is cheerful obedience to lawful authority. A man is in no position to expect obedience from others, if he is not first ready to render it to those over him in the Lord.

In essence, one may observe the Character of a man and his approach to authority, to determine if such a man has the traits of Godly masculinity. In the absence of such, teaching and mentorship will be necessary to facilitate an alignment with the Godly expectation of masculinity. 

We will continue to look at the “Description of Masculinity” in our next study. 

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