Nugget Wisdom from Megan Samuels-Webb

I am so happy to share this insightful interview with Meagan, a new momma and wife! Let’s go meet her!

1. Where are you from? How long have you been saved and describe yourself in three words?

I’m from Westmoreland where I attend Bethel House of Prayer but I’m residing in St Ann and attend a Pentecostal church whilst here. I’ve been saved since around age 11. I’m still trying to figure things out about myself as we are always evolving , learning and changing for the better at times but I’d say I’m an individual who is honest, compassionate but also cautious .

2. How did you know your husband was the ‘one’ ? 

There is no one way of knowing your partner is the one. I didn’t go down in prayer and fasting for signs to prove he was the one. I prayed for him, his soul, our relationship and all, but not for the sign/s. What I used to confirm that he’s the one for me was the fact that one he is nothing like the man I always imagined would be my husband-perhaps because I was being too shallow about certain details. Two, I know that even if I strayed from God, He still speaks through our leaders and when I took him to my home church and introductions made, there was no disapproval. In fact, they all loved him. 

3. How has the transition of single-hood to partnership been? 

There is not much difference for me. The wifely duties of course, but apart from that spiritually there’s not much difference for me. I tend to have some same struggles with praying and fasting, but I have a husband is of the same faith who renders needed support. There might be times when I’d want to fast but have to reconsider based on certain matters that would take place on that day. For instance, if I’m to be traveling then I know I won’t be focused enough, so I’d be harming my body in the name of Christ. 

 4. Tell us about your newborn. What are you learning from this experience?

I will share his initial, AHW. He’s 10 months old since his birth, literally the day he was born I had a better understanding of how much Christ can love us. I was never the one who couldn’t wait for babies, in fact, I  was often indifferent about having any. But becoming a spouse and a parent you are constantly practicing putting your wants and needs aside for the ones you love. You learn to be more patient-not perfectly patient, just more patient than I was. The experience is bittersweet at times, especially living in these times. I worry whether I’ll be able to equip him with the tools to stand against the influences of this world. 

5. What aspects of the experiences was unexpected whether married or motherhood and how did you handle it?

I don’t think there was anything that happened that was unexpected. I had a pretty broad knowledge of both realms prior to my personal experience, so nothing was necessarily unexpected. 

6. What would be your encouragement to singles considering a partner? 

My encouragement is to first have a good grasp of who you are so you won’t be easily influenced by the actions or words of the intended partner. Make sure your relationship with Christ is a priority. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a wife or a husband otherwise the Lord wouldn’t design us this way with these hormones and desires etc. However, do not be so focused on getting into a relationship that you neglect the one you have with God. Make sure your partner loves God just as much or more than you. That way, you’ll both have the support needed when struggles arise. Be transparent about intentions with each other so if anything you’ll know whether to walk away. Pray, seek God in all you do. And most importantly, don’t rush into anything. 

I am definitely transferring those ‘don’t rush’ words to my journal. Let me know who would like to be featured next! Remember, you are precious.

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