Hope Persists by Malik Ewan

The uncertainty of life thrusts belief,
And believing that something will, grants relief,
Hazes of unpredictability penetrate our being,
For what’s ahead, we have never been seeing,
Our walks are therefore not by sight,
So onto the hand of faith, we hold on tight,
Each step we take is so unsure of the other,
For to sit without action, we weren’t wired to rather,
Episodes of doubt flood our minds,
And along with it, is negativity of all kinds.

Some days we sit, our hearts without light,
And of the end of our ordeals, we have no sight,
But in all this darkness there’s something bright;
And that’s believing that Better’s presence just somehow might,
Mistakes and mistakes, yet still we win,
Even when in disbelief our minds had been,
So you see, we can and yes we will.
To fight, we must and never be still,
The urge to hope, we can never tame,
For we were built to move, not to remain.

About the Author

Malik Ewan is a poetry enthusiast. He finds poetry as an haven; consequently, he uses it to convey his emotions and feelings. He is a firm believer in the oneness of Jesus Christ. He posts regular on his Instagram account, malquotes. Be sure to stop by for more!

Steps to Hope

Remain hopeful in this season. You can submit entries as well in this ‘Steps to Hope Series’! Remember you are precious.

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