Anxiety & COVID 19

Every time I talk with people, one thing always comes up, how uncertain they are of the future. I struggle with this too, one reason I shared about unfulfilled dreams. It seems the virus has rendered the best of us powerless. I am absolutely persuaded that is a blessing. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware of the suffering that this is causing and I grieve with people who got the short stick. The families who lost loved ones, the health care workers, the business owners and the employees who got laid off (me included), students who don’t know when they will finish school, I understand. This virus has made a lot of us take another grip, coming to the reality of the state of our souls.

Uncertainty has always been a pain for me. I am not one of those, ‘let the chips fall where they may’ kind of person. An accurate description would be me, reading about the chips, checking their weight, practice throwing them so when the real test comes, I can almost predict what will happen up to the 5th throw. No way to live life? I disagree, forecasting helps with decision-making. But today I am not interested in persuading you to be like me. I am not encouraging you to be like the carefree person either. The person I want us to be like is, kind of, different. 

Since my first post on the virus, I have to admit, there are days when I am not so comforted. The promises of joy seem so far-fetched and anxiety creeps in. I realized that this fight for joy, peace, and rest is daily. Whilst I had heard it before, I didn’t understand it. 

I am interested in improving my writing; the best way to that is to read more. So, over the weekend, I read a popular novel, one that is ‘safe’ in my eyes. It was a delicious book too, the writer had me with every word. However, at the end, I recognized that a particular death scene was replaying in my head. During the days it would haunt me, but I didn’t think it was serious. Turns out it was, after having trouble sleeping I prayed with my mother and then I could rest. My reading choice process will definitely be more tedious but I am sharing because it showed me just how words are powerful. What if instead of being induced with fear, we took a daily dose of hope? That’s why for the next couple of weeks, I want to share hope here. Precious Thoughts Press will share posts for us to become like the individual who has it right — trusting the one who knows where the chips will fall and who follows him. 

Guess what!? You can submit entries as well! Whether it’s a testimony, thought or prayer, we will absolutely love to hear from you. It doesn’t even have to be about Covid 19! Don’t worry, you need not be professional, neither am I precious. If you are interested, please reach out to me via email ( or fill out this simple form. It behoves us to encourage one another with the truth. Thank you for considering this, until next time, remember you are precious. Don’t forget an all new post in the Engraved series will be published on Friday! Catch up with last post if you missed it.  

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