Who Are You?

Happy New Year everyone! It has been too long. I have missed our insightful exchanges. This year promises to be quite exciting and rigorous as we will delve into the concept of identity! We will be governed by the theme: ‘Celebrating Individuality- Understanding Our Identity.’

The original mission of this blog is to help us to understand ourselves even more about ourselves so that we can live the life that God planned for us to live and not what others expect of us. Today, I have one question to prep us for our first post on the topic which will cover an introduction to the concept. It is quite simple though, it is, Who am I? I would love to hear your responses email me at shanyesica@gmail.com .

This generation is seemingly obsessed with themselves, whilst others say it is a fulfillment of scripture, I am persuaded that some really do crave an understanding of themselves. These persons are prone to negative self talk, depression, comparison issues and self doubt. Maybe you know someone, maybe you are struggling with these issues. Join me on this fulfilling journey to finding ourselves. We will have guest authors and offering counsel on the way! I look forward to your support and feedback during 2020. Remember, you are precious.

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Sneak Peak Into Our Next Post !!!

2 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Nowadays many people are obsessed with themselves. The focus is turned inward instead of outward to seek God’s will and love Him and others. Happy New Year! 🎆


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