Shhhh. Do you hear it?

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath, lean in & listen closely.

Do you hear the tears falling?

Do you hear the hearts breaking?

Do you hear the confusion & the anger ringing out from all of humankind?

The fear?

Its deafening when you really listen.

Everyone yells, “We can no longer stay silent.”

But no one knows how to speak anymore.

Our words get caught in personal, political & religious agendas.

Our eyes only want to see what our minds have filtered through the ages.

And still. The silence is deafening.

Hate draws on fear to strengthen control & desires for someone else to fix our pain.

When it has been the ‘someone’s’ we keep looking to that ends up causing the most pain.

Unity is silenced.

Morality is silenced.

Acceptance is given a distorted voice that opens doors to abuse and even more fear.

Our discernments are told to be comvinced we are liars & haters and that only way we can fix things is by people who seem to know better so they can control us.

But things have not gotten better.

They’ve gotten worse.

Shhhh. Do you hear it?

Do you remember what that is?

It’s mindfulness & self thought.

It’s intelligence & prayer.

It’s the Holy Spirit guiding you to think for yourself and not be controlled by others.

It’s love not hate.

It’s truth not lies.

Rage feeds rage.

Hurt feeds anger.

And we are all pawns until we say,

No more.

~Polly Hamp

July 8th, 2016.

Hi precious ones, I saw this poem on instagram (Bonus: if you want to know where your heart lies, look at the accounts you follow.) and thought I had to share! I hope it stirred up feelings that will eventually lead to the decisions to speak up. This should not be done in hate but with the perfect blend grace and truth -speech seasoned with salt. You owe it to your loved ones, coworkers and bosses to tell them the truth. Have you decided to be indifferent to your reality? My friend indifference is as evil as evil itself. Deep down, people are searching for the truth, will you give to them freely as you have received freely?

I have questioned this before (Yes, we are allowed to question our faith contrary to popular beliefs, even Job questioned his!) but my doubts are settled. I choose to speak the truth, Christ is real. My next blog post will discuss why I believe in Christ including giving some extra-biblical evidences of Him actually living and dying and comparing Him with gods. Don’t miss the next post precious! You can share your thoughts too on the subject matter, connect with me by email, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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