“I feel like I am going crazy!” – How to win the mental battle.

A crinkled face, short term memory, loss of appetite, unhealthy seclusion, inability to focus, irritable to say the least, and defensiveness are all signs someone is facing a serious mental battle. The struggle in our minds is common to the human race but why are some persons living more victoriously? We will look into that soon. Here’s what fellow gladiators had to say about this battle:

Fighting yourself, subjecting myself to torture basically… And it’s not as if all the time I just do it for do it sake it just happens… Too many things happening at once, it’s overwhelming and my overthinking just causes everything to be jumbled, so in thinking about one issue others arise and it’s literally like a kid’s art, where they just cross up the page with different colours; causes me to think it would be easier to not try.
Having every move subjected to 150 negative thoughts and 2 positive. Mistakes constantly on repeat.

Female, 20yrs.

A part of my mind is begging me to cry for help while another part is telling me that I have to be the strong one, no one else can fully understand me so it makes no sense asking for help.
But as sad as I seem,
I have a very happy soul,
I don’t get it,
How am I genuinely sad but at the same time I feel like I’m genuinely happy?
Is it that my happiness is just a mask and I’m trying to force myself to believe that it’s real?

Female, 16yrs.

With such a weight on your head, life seems like a haze. There is this lingering wave of defeat over you, squeezing the very life out of your spirit. But why are some people more victorious than others? Here’s what a friend had to say:

One of the greatest deceptions I had to contend with was how I saw myself. Raised in deep rural St. Elizabeth by parents of humble beginning, I had often seen myself as being at a “disadvantage” where life was concerned. Truth be told, if wealth and resources were needed for success, happiness or purpose, I would not have reached thus far. My struggle was essentially how I saw myself in relation to the world. Some persons had low self-esteem but I had no self esteem. I looked down on everything I was associated with and valued myself based on materialistic metrics. This mental state of mind came from false beliefs I obtained from society and it led me to frequently make choices that were unbecoming of a child of God. I was often miserable, mostly unhappy and anti-social to the point where my Grade 7 math teacher recommend that I receive psychiatric help. I was surely not a golden child and many persons have admired the person God has been making me into but few understand the depths from which I sprang. Owing to my absence of self worth, I often underestimated my potential, also thought of myself as ugly, regretted my roots and for a point in my life, I had given up on the reality of a loving God. Over time however, God sent a mentor and bible teacher, in the person of Lyndon Johnson, to my then assembly, located in Middlesex. Overtime, with the truth of God being taught on a sustained basis, my worldview was radicalized and as I grew in God’s word, it completely transformed the way I view myself. I can say for sure, that my wealth, worth and witness is found in the sacrificial work of Christ! The false Ideologies have been uprooted and I am living in victory!

Dean Beezer, male, 31yrs.

Let’s examine some principles of victorious living that he highlighted below.

  1. Mentorship: Finding or being found of someone who is of sound character and doctrine to impart to you is essential to every believer’s life. At no point in time we can make it on our own. WE NEED HELP! Even if we haven’t found one yet, speak to someone or write to them. You should find some medium of expression. Over 90% of the time the situation is not as bad as it seems and you have been listening to lies from the enemy.

2. Knowledge and Application of the Word of God: It’s never enough to just know the Word, time and time again, God applauded the ones who actually lived the Word. However, sometimes we don’t value as much though the hearing of the Word. I find that it brings my conscience to life and brings faith. Inevitably, leaving me in a position to choose victory or defeat. Go where you hear the word, roll with people who love it and pray for a desire to love it too, it works! What have you been feeding your mind with?

Let’s ponder these things so next time we can build on it. The next posts will be attacking specific issues that we fight for example, insecurities, fears, anxieties, self condemnation among others and how we overcome them. You can share which you would prefer too. Enjoy this amazing song by Upper Room, ‘This is How I Fight My Battles’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx6mfAgHDsY.

It’s a always a pleasure to have you visit us . Please share your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe. If you want some advice or just wish to talk, I am all ears! It would be my absolutely pleasure to hear from you. Just email me at precious.thoughts.press@gmail.com to start a conversation. Help is here. Until next time remember you are precious.

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